Kairospace Technologies is a strategic innovation hub that optimizes industrial water processes by leveraging cutting edge technologies and advanced scienceWe provide integrated solutions that increase system efficiencies and decrease environmental impact in multiple industries, mainly in agriculture and mining.

We are committed to lowering pollution and waste and support sustainable development goals to achieve a better and more prosperous future.

Our mission is to raise water quality & consciousness by implementing innovative, clean and effective solutions that optimize existing infrastructures and bring cutting edge technologies to the mainstream.

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Kairospace Technologies, Inc.

Kairospace accelerates its impact-driven programs in various marketplaces October 8, 2021 (Las Vegas, NV), for public release – Kairospace, a strategic innovation hub that provides

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Valley Ventures

Kairospace Technologies announces it’s acceptance and participation in the 2021 Valley Ventures Accelerator. Selected as one of ten companies working to bring sustainable and clean

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Clean Teach Open

Kairospace Technologies announces it’s acceptance and participation in the 2021 CleanTech Open – the world’s largest clean technology accelerator program. “Kairospace is honored to participate

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Kairospace is not tied to one technology. We design solutions that use integrated approach and synergistically use cutting edge technologies to exponentially increase their efficacy


We partner up with original equipment manufactures, our clients and technology companies to contribute to the cutting-edge science.

With an entirely sustainable technology offering, Kairospace addresses many water-related issues arising in industrial processes. Our technologies can be deployed to provide innovative solutions to challenges at any scale. We provide customized project fulfillment services using our technical expertise and cutting-edge technologies and help businesses and governments to attain their sustainable development goals.


Our Approach


KairospaceTech commercializes technology applications and builds sustainable manufacturing lines, with capacity to provide scalable solutions. 

We use sustainable technologies enabling chemical-free agriculture and socially and environmentally responsible mining.


Our team of leading researchers, engineers, inventors, and scientists provide consulting services to businesses, non-profits, governments and industries to design and implement water-based solutions.

We provide smart and impact-focused counsel in multiple industries including agriculture, waterway remediation and mining.


Our collaborative analytical research laboratories enable advanced R&D and validate new clean technology applications to address environmental and humanitarian challenges and develop new IP.


Our social responsibility programs are focused on transforming humanity’s relationship with the planet through inner and outer awareness, providing fellowship programs and an open source educational platform to bring together students and researchers from around the world to work in collaborative ways to explore cutting-edge science and clean technologies. Kairospace CSR programs launch humanitarian projects to showcase the potential of merging modern technologies with the ancient healing arts. We are working closely with aligned partners, social innovators and philanthropic initiatives such as Le Ciel Foundation and aligned partners, to be able to make the biggest impact.


Our Team

Juan Ignacio Bravin

Co-Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Industrial engineer, MBA graduate, entrepreneur and international business development specialist. A change agent in the water and energy industry promoting the development and application of breakthrough technologies for sustainable water treatment.

Jeremy Pfeiffer

Co-Founder - Chief Science and Innovation Officer

Independent research scientist and tech entrepreneur with a decade of groundbreaking analytical and technical research in the area of applied environmental and material sciences, acoustic and vibrational physics, and life sciences.

Russell Gries

CO-Founder - Chief Technology Officer

Applied engineering and first principles problem solving. A foremost renewable energy and clean technologies specialist. His life’s work is to unlock the secrets of physics and nature in support of a more sustainable planet. Russ has worked with top level teams in his fields of interests.

Maria Tatarova

Co-Founder - Chief Legal Officer

Entrepreneur with background in international tax law, consulting, engineering and management with a wealth of hands-on skills and a passion for water education and advocacy.

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