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A New Breed of Renewable Energy Equipment


LAS VEGAS NEVADA, February 22nd, 2022

Kairospace Technologies, Inc. and Watchdog Equipment, LLC. Announce Innovative Joint Venture to develop and manufacture first to market sustainable water and solar solution technologies. 

Kairospace provides integrated solutions for many water-related issues arising in a variety of industries, mainly CE-Agriculture and Green-Mining, with a goal of increasing system efficiency and decreasing negative environmental and social impact. 

The innovative startup is currently launching pilot testing programs featuring the AG-PACK 40 water treatment system, engineered as the definitive water enhancement platform for agricultural producers. Select candidates for testing are technically merited customers with a like-minded passion for sustainable food production and commercial implementation of innovative technologies.

Watchdog Equipment is a Nevada limited liability company specializing in Made in USA renewable energy powered equipment, solar, and advanced battery technologies for an array of industries including agriculture, mining, construction, energy, security, hospitality & events, and communications.

Kairospace and Watchdog announced today that they have entered into a joint venture agreement. The JV will leverage Kairospace expertise and resources in innovative water technologies and Watchdog Zero Waste expertise in manufacturing to produce the finest built-to-last solar powered and battery powered mobile equipment. Targeting environmental and sustainable impact, together they will form a first to market tactical product set that will harness the power of the sun to create some of the most powerful solutions for water treatment. “Partnering with Mother Nature has always been our number one goal with everything we do and when we met Juan and the whole Kairospace team there was such a perfect alignment with our two teams core values that we both knew we had to work together.” Said Jonathan Ritchie, CEO of Watchdog Equipment and Watchdog Power Systems.

“Our market base has an intrinsic need for off grid solutions featuring best-in-class solar power management systems. Partnering with Watchdog enables us to make a strong push for water and power. It was a natural fit.” Said Juan Bravin, CEO of Kairospace Technologies.

The Nevada based JV is set up to support local businesses and governments in attaining sustainable development goals. Significant efforts are underway to prepare strategies for developing opportunities in sustainable technologies and conservation-focused commercialization in Nevada and the Las Vegas valley.