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Kairospace Technologies Inc. Enter CEA Commercial Market

Q1/Q2 Progression Updates


LAS VEGAS NEVADA, August 11, 2022

“If you want to make progress on all the major global challenges, start with water” – WEF 

Using cutting-edge technologies and advanced science, Kairospace (KST) develops water solutions that help address specific water challenges while generating positive environmental and economic impact across many industries. Our introductory products are developed to be the ultimate water enhancement platform and set up a new water standard for agricultural growers, thus inspiring an innovative “water-enhancement as a service” business model.


CEA in focus 

Kairospace initial focus is on the agricultural and food industry, specifically CEA and post-harvest treatment. In these areas, our technology can be adopted in a least disruptive manner while reducing the ecological footprint and providing significant economic benefits. Our TAM in the USA is over USD 320M. 

CEA represents a precisely controlled technology-based approach toward food production.  The current size of CEA global market is approximately USD 79 billion. Methods of growing include hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaculture, and aquaponics. The vertical farming market can produce crops all year round and is projected to reach USD 9.96B by 2025 from USD 3.89B in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.3%.  

The post-harvest treatment market is projected to grow from USD 1.5B in 2019 to USD 2.3B by 2026, recording a CAGR of 6.5%.  

Our customers are agricultural growers, producers and post-harvest food processors dedicated to improving efficiency and reducing their ecological footprint. They choose to use our technology to be more profitable, save water, deliver a better-quality product faster, produce less waste, and reduce the impact of their operations on the land and environment in which they operate. So far, we have not encountered one single grower that does not want to achieve these goals.


Commercial traction report  

Kairospace enters commercialization stages of the AGPACKS. Our technical team has successfully installed 2 commercial systems. 

Top CEA grower – Kairospace enters into its first leased hardware and services agreement with top CEA facility. As a publicly traded company, our customer operates several greenhouses across the USA and specializes in the production of leafy greens. The AGPACK system has been commissioned by the production greenhouse located in the Midwest, it’s main task is the regeneration of deep water culture ponds to recycle clean and healthy water for spinach production. By implementing a combination of processes; which includes a proprietary catalyst-assisted advanced oxidation process, Kairospace is working closely with its customer to deliver viable and sustainable solutions to industry-wide problems. Subsequent validation efforts will target boost in pant yields, promotion of seed germination and water recycling. 

Hexas Biomass – Kairospace signed its second leased hardware and services agreement with Hexas Biomass Inc. Hexas is a biomaterials company focused on the production of regenerative, plant-based raw materials that replace wood and fossil fuel-based materials in multiple applications. Applications for plant-based materials include energy, chemicals, packaging, textiles, composites, structural/non-structural products, bioremediation, and more. 

Following a successful preliminary validation in the application of enhanced water for promoting the growth of Hexas proprietary crop, Kairospace installed the AG PACK at HEXAS RND farm located in Olympia, Washington. The project focus will aim to boost plant yields, time to harvest, and to increase capacities for CO2 sequestration.


Kairospace Canada operations underway 

Successful 3rd party pilot testing and collaboration with The Technological Center for Industrial Residues (CTRI) yielded necessary data for the ongoing validation and development of cleantech solutions for Canadian-based mining companies. Kairospace continues to test its innovative advanced oxidation process (AOP) that assists in the destruction of Nitrogen compounds, heavy metals and the overall remediation of mining effluents. Post validation by CTRI, the Kairospace system has been transferred and installed with one of the largest silver and gold producers in North America. The mine will use the Kairospace AOP system to drive efficiencies in the supplemental leaching processes of gold, as well as destruction of cyanide. 

Canada CEA commercial efforts begin in Q4. Kairospace is actively onboarding strategically aligned partners in commercial CEA. Select candidates are technically merited growers with a like-minded passion for the scientific validation of regenerative technologies. 

Our Canadian beta tester program aims to push the limits in sustainable water innovation, backed with measured results, while building valued returns for grow operations. Contact for more info.


Regenerative programming for livestock wastewater treatment  

Kairospace (KST) has been invited to join a consortium of companies focused on the generation of climate-smart commodities. The group is unifying its technical efforts aimed at a USDA grant sponsored program proposal in support of technologies and processes that convert waste from livestock operations and dairy farms into fertilizer.  

Our team is preparing early-stage project support with our technical hardware and consulting expertise.  

Upon approval, KST technologies will be used in 3 steps of the process, in Bio-Digestors to enhance methane production, in flotation cells to improve solid-water separation, and in oxidizing remaining biomaterial. Specific focus will be to aid in the overall enhancement and removal of waste particles using specific polymers.  

The group brought together around this project represents an incredible leap in on-farm manure management technology. Our team is proud to be a part of this proposal.


Kairospace tees up for Golf! 

Following a successful round of preliminary validations in golf turf enhancement, the AGPACK system will be commissioned at one of southern California’s premier golf courses for the purpose of improving turf health, and to generate chem and water use savings. The expected date for installation is set for October. Upon a successful validation of small-scale application, larger scale installations will be developed and implemented.


Introducing Peter Yolles, advisor 

Kairospace is thrilled to welcome its newest sustainable impact advisor Peter Yolles, former co-founder in the water industry along with a Yale MBA in finance and a Master’s in water science, policy and management. Peter authored the CREO Syndicate report on impact investment strategies in water. Previously, he invested at GE Capital, advocated for state and federal water policies with the Environmental Defense Fund, managed river restoration and water rights for The Nature Conservancy, and closed water trades between farms and cities. Managing partner of Echo River Capital, Peter invests globally in early-stage water technology companies to digitize, decarbonize and decentralize the water cycle — the “three D’s of water tech.” Its vision for the future is living in freshwater harmony with nature, made easier through technology. Echo River is among the few investors with a narrow specialty in smart water technology solving global water challenges for human health, environment, and climate resilience. Peter is viewed as a strategic investor, advisor and partner to founders seeking his deep domain and operational expertise. Peter will assist Kairospace in navigating commercial and financial water impact programming. Welcome Peter!


Introducing Brandon Ortiz, UNLV 

Kairospace is proud to welcome Brandon Ortiz to its engineering team roster. Mechanical Engineer and scientist with a general curiosity about the world, Brandon is a UNLV graduate research scientist with a specialty focus in phase change heat transfer. Brandon is a research affiliate of UNLV Professor Jeremy Cho, where he investigates the effects that surfactants have on bubbles on a chemical, thermodynamic, and physicochemical level. He specializes in experiment design and conducts experiments based around surfactant use for manipulating bubble behavior for different applications such as boiling heat transfer and oil recovery. Research highlights include chemistry, image capture, live image processing and bubble tensiometry. Welcome Brandon!


Heat transfer RND, a preliminary validations report 

Water has been traditionally used as a coolant because of its high specific heat, which, as compared to other liquids, allows for the removal of vast amounts of heat. This phenomenon is remarkable and is used in myriad of applications ranging from small scale (e.g., consumer electronics) to large scale cooling (e.g., HVAC systems in large buildings or large-scale industrial settings like power plants).   

Because of the increasing scarcity of water as a resource, it is important to study how we can use water for cooling more efficiently and minimize waste while maintaining or increasing efficiency. Several preliminary studies indicate that dissolving gases in water, leading to the creation of nanobubbles, will increase the heat transfer efficiency of the liquid. 

The Kairospace engineering team has conducted a series of heat transfer validation experiments. Our preliminary bench test experiments show that dissolving gases in water increases its specific heat transfer properties. Treated water shows a significant increase of approximately 20% compared to control groups. A broader range of treated test groups will bring additional perspective and insights into underlying modes of action and applications. This type of research opens the door to a variety of applications in advanced water treatment in real-world industrial settings.  

The report is now available upon request. For more info, contact CIO,


A New Breed of Renewable Energy Equipment 

Kairospace and Watchdog announced in Q1 that they have entered into a joint venture agreement. The JV will leverage Kairospace expertise and resources in innovative water technologies and Watchdog Zero Waste expertise in manufacturing to produce the finest built-to-last solar powered and battery powered mobile equipment. Targeting environmental and sustainable impact, together they will form a first to market tactical product set that will harness the power of the sun to create some of the most powerful solutions for water treatment. Additional charters of the joint venture are synergistically designed to amplify and bring fidelity to the distribution of each company’s existing hardware products and services. Watchdog Equipment is a Nevada limited liability company specializing in Made in USA renewable energy powered equipment, solar, and advanced battery technologies for an array of industries including agriculture, mining, construction, energy, security, hospitality & events, and communications.