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Kairospace accelerates its impact-driven programs in various marketplaces

October 8, 2021 (Las Vegas, NV), for public release – Kairospace, a strategic innovation hub that provides integrated clean solutions for various industrial water-related issues, is pleased to report on its progress and milestones achieved over the last several months.  

Accelerator Programs

In September 2021, Kairospace successfully completed the 2021 CleanTech Open accelerator program. CleanTech Open is the world’s largest clean tech accelerator, providing entrepreneurs and corporate innovators the resources they need to launch and grow successful cleantech businesses. CleanTech Open ecosystem spans key cleantech innovation hubs in the U.S., linking labs and universities, service providers, investors, corporations, governments, and other cleantech incubators and accelerators. Kairospace was honored to be selected into the 2021 cohort and is now officially a part of CleanTech’s global network of innovation. The CleanTech Open has offered Kairospace an incredible opportunity to accelerate its regenerative impact-driven programs into a blue-green global economy, connections to other startups and possible investment avenues. 

With the goal of building a strong foundation for its agricultural operations, Kairospace was recently accepted as one of 10 new companies to the Valley Ventures water and agriculture technologies accelerator program in Fresno, California. Kairospace is a part of the program’s sixth cohort since its inception in 2017. The program began on September 7, 2021 and its participants are provided with mentorship and engagement opportunities with top-tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Valley Ventures accelerator.  Kairospace solutions fit perfectly within the program’s focus on water, energy, and agriculture,” said Kairospace’s CEO, Juan Bravin. “We believe Valley Ventures program can greatly assist us on our path to commercialization in the California marketplace. Our participation supports our commitment to collaboration with various players towards a cleaner and more renewable future.”

Kairospace will conclude its participation in the accelerator on October 28, 2021 and will then transition into the 10-month Valley Ventures advisory services program. This program provides an individualized approach where ventures work closely with California State University, Fresno – Water, Energy and Technology (WET) Center staff to develop milestones related to growth and fundraising. Kairospace will be paired with a variety of entrepreneurs and industry professionals providing a broad range of expertise in California water, energy, and agtech markets.

Engineering and R&D

Kairospace is currently in the process of building several prototypes for the agriculture market. Estimated time for the first prototype is the 4th quarter of 2021. Preliminary bench testing yielded significant positive results for both plant biology and physiochemical properties of treated water.  Kairospace engineers have also optimized the design of its ultrafine bubble mixers.  Considerable efforts are also being put into the design and development of a proprietary control and telemetry system that will help the customers to operate our technology with automated controls.  

Experimental Validation Highlights

Kairospace continues to replicate key bench validation experiments in both plant biology and physiochemical properties of water. Results show significant enhancement in treated plant and water samples.  Third party validation by public and private academic institutions, including customer use case validation, are scheduled to begin in 2022.

University of Kentucky 3rd Party Validation

The University of Kentucky Horticulture Research Farm (UK-HRF), a Department of Horticulture unit at University of Kentucky, agreed to evaluate the impact of Kairospace technology treated water on germination, growth promotion, crop yields and related growth parameters of interest.  UK-HRF will conduct a series of greenhouse experiments including germination trials, post-harvest shelf-life tests, seedling growth trials, and a full-cycle crop production trial. The project outline and the Technology Testing Agreement are in place and are ready for implementation in the first quarter of 2022. With 3rd party academic validation in place, Kairospace will continue to make a commercial push into the Kentucky agricultural and horticultural marketplace ecosystems.

Early Adopter Beta Tester Program

Kairospace has outlined a strategic beta tester program to validate MVP technology and identify customer and market entry strategies. Select users will have the opportunity to test Kairospace technology on their agricultural operations. Beta testers will receive the device on loan and at no cost, choose testing protocols best suited to their operations, collect data and report back to Kairospace with results. After completion of the testing, test users will have the opportunity to continue enjoying the benefits of water treatment services at reduced monthly costs.  

Canadian Mining

Kairospace group has also expanded its activities to Canada by launching a pilot testing and collaboration project with The Technological Center for Industrial Residues (CTRI).  The goal of this project is to validate and develop clean tech solutions for Canadian-based mining companies.  CTRI is a Quebec-based government funded technology transfer center aimed at stimulating innovation and technological development linked to the recovery of industrial residues and underutilized resources. In collaboration with CTRI, Kairospace is developing and testing its innovative advanced oxidation process (AOP) that assists in the destruction of Nitrogen compounds, heavy metals and the overall remediation in mining effluents.  Kairospace Canada President Steve Coulombe brings 20 years of mining industry experience and will guide along the strategies for Kairospace’s entry into the Canadian mining industry. Mr. Coulombe is a sustainable international business developer and entrepreneur, with extensive mining experience. 

Early-stage CSR programs

Kairospace social responsibility programs focus on transforming humanity’s relationship with water and the planet. Kairospace CSR program plans to launch humanitarian projects to showcase the potential of merging modern technologies with the ancient healing arts. Kairospace is working closely with aligned partners, social innovators and philanthropic initiatives such as Le Ciel Foundation to be able to make the biggest impact.

Wyoming LLC conversion to C-Corp

In preparation for its seed funding, Kairospace completed the conversion to a Wyoming C-Corp and Kairospace Technologies, Inc. has been officially registered with the Wyoming secretary of state as a C-corp. With its legal team, Kairospace continues to adjust its company structure and internal affairs in support of incoming investors. 

Las Vegas HQ and Operations 

Kairospace has officially registered HQ operations in Las Vegas, Nevada as a foreign corporation, and currently scoping an office and warehouse lab space for its upcoming operations. Kairospace has begun establishing strategic partnerships with the Small Business Development Center at UNLV and integration within the UNLV engineering and business development and career ecosystems. Kairospace executives are also preparing strategies for developing opportunities in sustainable water technologies and conservation-focused commercialization in the Las Vegas valley.

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Juan Bravin – CEO

About Kairospace

Kairospace Technologies, Inc. is a strategic innovation hub that optimizes water processes by leveraging cutting edge technologies and advanced science. We provide integrated solutions for various water-related issues arising in many industries, with a goal of increasing system efficiencies and decreasing environmental impact. Our first line of products addresses the agricultural market, where we deliver water treatment and enhancement system that easily integrates with their current irrigation systems and that helps our customers to increase their yields, to generate savings in fertilizers, chemicals and water, reduce maintenance, all done with minimum human intervention.