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Kairospace welcomes its new UNLV interns

Kairospace Technologies Inc. is a proud participant in the UNLV College of Engineering StepUp & StartUp Internship program. The UNLV StepUp & StartUp Internship Program (SUSU IP) is a new internship program designed to support our College of Engineering students and Nevada’s local technology industry. 

The Kairospace internship program offers students a unique chance to actively engage in our company’s everyday engineering operations. Collaborating in teams with computer science and electrical engineers, interns tackle mission-oriented problems while immersing themselves in an exhilarating high-tech environment. We provide an internship experience that is diverse, challenging and captivating, customized to match individual career aspirations. 

Meet the 2023 Summer Sessions Team 

Brit Gonzalez 

Brit is currently a Computer Science and Philosophy student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is joining Kairospace Technologies this summer as a software engineer intern. Using her experience, she will be assisting in the development of our anticipated social media platform, KairoHub. Her interests include art, technology, and applied philosophy. 

Kumar Rishav 

Kumar is a Master of Science student at UNLV, specializing in Management Information Systems. He serves as a graduate assistant and software engineer, leveraging his solid background in computer science and programming fundamentals. Kumar possesses proficiency in various programming languages and excels in communication and collaboration. He is enthusiastic about joining Kairospace teams, gaining practical experience in software development, and making valuable contributions to the creation of innovative forthcoming Kairohub web platform. 

Kyle Chong 

Kyle, a senior at UNLV pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, plays a pivotal role as a Kairospace intern. His responsibilities include designing and developing cutting-edge circuits that drive forward our research and development initiatives. Alongside his academic pursuits, Kyle finds enjoyment in activities like playing volleyball, indulging in music, and exploring video games. 

StepUp& Start Internship Program Statement: We have been reviewed by the College of Engineering Internship Coordinator and have been approved for the StepUp and StartUp Program. Only students who have been registered for the StepUp & StartUp Internship (SUSU IP) can apply for this position. If you have questions about your eligibility please contact Alejandro Chacon. Internship Coordinator, UNLV College of Engineering UNLV.