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Kairospace Newsletter, May 12, 2023

Dear Investors, Friends, and Supporters,

Welcome to the second edition of our bi-monthly newsletter! We are thrilled to update you on our recent accomplishments and the progress we have made since our last newsletter. As always, the Kairospace team is focused on driving innovation, providing value to our customers, and making a positive impact on water-related issues. In this edition, we will discuss our Yorba Linda Country Club (YLCC) trial results, our collaboration with Green Side Up Farms, our patent-pending technology, and more.

  • Pipeline:

Our CEA Controlled Environment Agriculture pipeline has grown to USD 900,000.

– If interested in learning more about the CEA industry, check this great report by Cultivatd.

Our Golf and Turf enhancement pipeline has grown to USD 1.25 million.

The combined probability-weighted pipeline today is USD 600,000.

  • Sports Turf Enhancement Results:

We are excited to share impressive results from our Yorba Linda Country Club (YLCC) trials of our water technology. For this experience, a series of key indicators were chosen to assess the impact of treating irrigation water with the KST TURF-PACK. By closely monitoring factors such as soil electrical conductivity (EC), volumetric water content (VWC), and dissolved oxygen (DO), YLCC could assess turf quality and obtain a precise understanding of the dynamics of water penetration, salt leaching, and fertilizer build-up to promptly identify when the turf and lake are approaching stressful conditions. After collecting data for 3 months, we have statistically recorded an average reduction of compacted salts by 35.4%, enhanced water penetration of 24.7%, and overall improvement in root development and soil texture. These results confirm the effectiveness of our innovative water treatment solutions and their potential to transform the way water is implemented in sports turf management.

Comments from YLCC superintendent:

“Salinity and Fertilizer/Pesticide Usage: The reduced salinity results are very promising and are a huge concern for many in the industry. The ability to lower thresholds would be a huge benefit in managing greens. High salinity weakens the plant leaving it susceptible to environmental stress, disease and pests. Reduced salinity would lower the frequency of necessary deep watering or flushing which is used to help move salts from the soil profile. Fungicides and pesticides are used to protect the plant and improve growth due to salinity that weakens the plant. If salinity is reduced, there is a possible reduction in fertilizer and pesticide use that can be saved or those dollars can be used elsewhere in the budget. Water Usage: Lowering water usage is an important and vital part of how irrigation is being approached, especially in the southwest. The ability to use less water would be savings that can be allocated elsewhere into our budget as well as giving us the ability to any state or local agency restrictions of water. The biggest potential is improved playing conditions with savings or allocating those dollars to other areas of the budget or property. – Ben Alford, YLCC superintendent”

Full report is available upon request, reach us at

  • Green Side Up Farms Community Project:

Kairospace Technologies is proud to announce its collaboration with Las Vegas business, Green Side Up Farms, LLC. Green Side Up Farms focuses on converting urban spaces into vertical farms, working with local community partners like Nevada Partners of Las Vegas to combat inner-city food deserts. Founders Alaric Overbey and Chef Mitch Bryant provide fresh, healthy produce to consumers and businesses with limited access to such resources. For this project, Kairospace developed an AG PACK mini, designed to treat water for micro to small vertical farm operations. The collaboration’s initial focus will be the transfer of innovative water equipment and knowledge for advancing regenerative infrastructure in indoor vertical farming within Southern Nevada communities.

  • Unleash Your Water’s Potential:

Kairospace’s advanced water treatment systems are now available for deployment. The state-of-the-art systems, integrating innovative nanobubbles and electromagnetic water conditioning technologies, are specifically designed to boost operations across Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), the Cannabis industry, and the Golf sector. To unlock the full potential of your water resources, reach out to us today!

  • KST Provisional Patent Filing:

We are pleased to announce that Kairospace has filed its first provisional patent for our ultrafine bubble cavitator. This marks the first of three provisional patents we expect to file this year. Our core commercial technology for generating nanobubbles is TRL 8 patent pending and currently registered at United States Patent and Trademark Office. US Provisional Application No.: 63/463839, Ultrafine-Bubble Cavitator, Kairospace Technologies, Inc.

Cavitation is a process in which vapor cavities or bubbles are formed in a fluid due to rapid changes in pressure. When these cavities collapse, they can generate localized high-pressure zones and produce numerous effects, including the generation of ultrafine bubbles. These bubbles can play a significant role in enhancing mass transfer, mixing, and chemical reactions in various industrial processes.

  • 3rd Party Nanosight Report:

Kairospace technologies receive an official 3rd party validation report for nanoparticle tracking analysis NTA. Testing has been conducted by the Arizona State University chemical engineering department. Results show bubbles 79-122 nanometers in size – 79 nm being the most common bubble size and 122 nm as the mean average. ASU research partners tested the concentration of nanobubbles produced by our systems. Our technology generated 553,000,000 bubbles per ml in a single pass and 600,000,000 bubbles per ml after 30 minutes of treatment, positioning Kairospace Tech among the top in the industry. Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) uses the properties of light scattering and Brownian motion to obtain the nanoparticle size distribution of samples in liquid suspension. See the report for results, video, and more info.

  • Governor’s Hurricane Conference:

Kairospace Technologies Inc, in collaboration with Watchdog Equipment LLC, took part in the Governor’s Hurricane Conference at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, from May 7-12, 2023. We highlighted our innovative concept of renewable-powered tactical water treatment equipment. Our first response tactical water purification units incorporate a cutting-edge renewable power platform for supplemental aeration, water potabilization, and water disinfection. Watchdog Equipment is a Nevada limited liability company specializing in Made in USA renewable energy powered equipment, solar, and advanced battery technologies for an array of industries. The Governor’s Hurricane Conference brings together over 1,600 emergency managers and personnel, first responders, state and federal representatives, volunteer agencies, business and industry professionals, as well as health and medical experts from around the world. Throughout the conference, attendees will engage in training sessions, workshops, and panel discussions to enhance their knowledge and exchange valuable insights. For more information about the Governor’s Hurricane Conference, please visit:

  • IH2O Experience Updates:

Kairospace recently took part in Imagine H2O‘s Finance Focused Bootcamp, where we received valuable financial strategies and market insights from industry experts. Speakers included Tom Ferguson, Alex Rappaport, Tamin Pechet, Elizabeth Washburn Surti, Neil Berman, Linda Heitzman, and Jennifer McFarlane. Our team had the unique opportunity to engage with different perspectives on funding, including venture capital, debt, and venture philanthropy. The Imagine H2O Accelerator equips early-stage water startups with the resources they need to develop their solutions, commercialize their technologies, and enter new markets.

  • UNLV Paid Internship Program:

Kairospace Technologies Inc. is a proud participant in the UNLV College of Engineering StepUp & StartUp Internship program. The UNLV StepUp & StartUp Internship Program (SUSU IP) is a new internship program designed to support our College of Engineering students and Nevada’s local technology industry. The College of Engineering will provide the salary for the students who register and obtain internships in the approved opportunities. Kairospace looks forward to collaborating with talented students and providing them with hands-on experience in our growing company. StepUp& Start Internship Program Statement: We have been reviewed by the College of Engineering Internship Coordinator and have been approved for the StepUp and StartUp Program. Only students who have been registered for the StepUp & StartUp Internship (SUSU IP) can apply for this position. If you have questions about your eligibility please contact Alejandro Chacon, College of Engineering Internship Coordinator, at 702-895-1892 or

  • Southern Nevada Water Authority Responding To Drought :

Southern Nevada gets about 90 percent of its water supply from the Colorado River, which begins as rain and snowmelt in the Rocky Mountains. The river serves about 40 million people across seven western states and the country of Mexico. The river is governed by a series of compacts, laws, court decisions, rules and treaties, collectively known as the “Law of the River.” Nevada has the right to consumptively use 300,000 acre-feet of water per year. An acre-foot is the amount of water that can cover an acre to a height of one foot and is equivalent to 325,851 gallons of water. Consumptive use is defined as water withdrawals minus any water that is returned to the Colorado River. These returns are also known as “return-flow credits.” The Colorado River has endured more than 20 years of severe drought, which has reduced the amount of water in Lake Mead. The best scientific projections available suggest that current Colorado River conditions will not only continue but worsen. Leading climate scientists warn of a permanent shift to a drier future, something known as “aridification.” Continued declines in Lake Mead’s water level are expected as Southern Nevada experiences a permanent transition to a more arid future, the result of ongoing climate change. For this reason, additional efforts are needed to ensure a reliable long-term water supply for our community. Recognizing water conservation as a critical resource, the SNWA established a new conservation goal of 86 GPCD (gallons per capita per day) by 2035.

  • Funding Round Still Active:

We are currently raising funds to complete our pre-seed round, targeting $600,000. To date, we have secured $125,000. Our most recent fundraising deck can be found here. Please feel free to share with potential investors and provide any feedback. We appreciate your continued support as we work to address water-related issues and make a positive impact on industries around the world.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and riding the waves of innovation.


Juan Ignacio Bravin – CEO

Kairospace Technologies Inc.

HQ: Las Vegas, NV