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Kairospace Technologies announces it’s acceptance and participation in the 2021 Valley Ventures Accelerator. Selected as one of ten companies working to bring sustainable and clean technologies to California and beyond.


FRESNO, Calif. – A total of 10 ventures were recently accepted into the fall 2021 program of the Valley Ventures accelerator, solidifying the program’s sixth cohort since its inception in 2017. The companies will begin the program on September 7, 2021 and will join in on mentorship experiences and engagement opportunities with top-tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology. Each of the 10 ventures provided the brief descriptions that follow. 

About Kairospace Technologies
Kairospace Technologies is a strategic innovation hub that optimizes water processes by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and advanced science. We provide integrated solutions for many water-related issues arising in a variety of industries, with a goal of increasing system efficiency and decreasing environmental impact. We are committed to supporting businesses and governments in reaching their sustainable development goals, by collaborating towards a cleaner and more renewable future.

“I am thrilled to welcome a sixth cohort into our Valley Ventures accelerator with technologies that provide solutions for water, energy, and agriculture,” said Venture Development Manager, Jeff Macon. “Our accelerator program has come a long way since 2017, and we have proudly assisted 60 companies on their paths to commercialization in the California marketplace. I very much look forward to adding 10 more companies to that list.” 

The Valley Ventures sixth cohort (VV6) will conclude their participation in the accelerator program on October 28, 2021 then will transition into the next phase —the 10-month Valley Ventures advisory services program. This program provides an individualized approach where ventures will work closely with Water, Energy and Technology (WET) Center staff to develop milestones related to growth and fundraising. While accomplishing these milestones, ventures will be paired with a variety of entrepreneurs and industry professionals who have either successfully grown their own startup or possess significant industry insight. This group of advisors has a broad range of expertise in California water, energy, and agtech markets.

Over the full program year, Valley Ventures cohort six participants will work closely with the WET Center and its resources to achieve growth in revenue, market presence, product-market fit, and fundraising.

Each year, Fresno State’s Water, Energy and Technology (WET) Center and the BlueTechValley (BTV) Innovation Cluster offer an opportunity for select ventures to participate in the Valley Ventures accelerator, this year incorporating a new addition to the program—Valley Ventures advisory services. The fall 2021 cohort of the Valley Ventures accelerator will provide water, clean energy and agricultural technology ventures opportunities to advance commercialization and business development in California and beyond.